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Magna CH-100015 Manual Chain Hoist

Magna CH-100015 10 ton manual chain hoist with 15 foot lift. Rugged steel heavy duty construction hoists built for day in-day out operation. Completely repairable easily maintained hoists provide long service life. Standard lift is 10 feet. 10 foot, 15 foot and 20 foot lifts are stock items. Special lifts available with capability to ship within 24 hours. Hoists are in stock in Blaine, Washington and Muncy, Pennsylvania.

$ 1,715.63

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Additional Information

  • Four fall load chain.
  • Rugged steel case design protects gears and bearings.
  • Gears are machined and case hardened for long life.
  • Spur gear design for efficiency, portability and economy.
  • Forged and heat treated alloy steel hooks to prevent fracturing under excessive loads.
  • High quality Grade 80 heat treated load chain.
  • Light weight design for ease of use.
  • Low headroom design for greater lifting height.
  • Equipped with mechanical brake for load control in lifting and spotting.
  • Minimal parts to simplify maintenance and repairs.
  • Spare parts stocked and readily available.
  • All hoists load tested to 125% of rated capacity.
  • Test and inspection certificates provided with each hoist.
  • Service manuals with parts blow-up provided with each hoist.
  • Meet all applicable ANSI standards and is CE certified.
  • Metric rated for vertical lifting at 2,200 lbs per ton.

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